Cedar Point Timeline

First mention of the name "Cedar Point" 

"Cedar Point" first appears in legal documents 

Alexander Porter sells northwest half of the peninsula to Theodore Shelton for $55,000. Porter buys back the land after it was repossessed for $292.80 

Porter sells the southwest section to Stephen Hills, Jr. and Ebenezzer Jessup 

Cedar Point lighthouse built 

Porter requires all fishermen using Cedar Point to pay him1/8 of the day's catch 

George Arthur Boeckling born (February 2) 

Rush Sloane purchases Cedar Point 

A small railroad is built from the Sandusky Bay across the peninsula to Lake Erie 

• Considered Cedar Point's first season 
• First use of Cedar Point as a bathing house 
• Louis Zistel builds a beer garden, bathhouse, and children's entertainment 

• James West opens a group of bathhouses near the beach 

• Benjamin Dwelle and William Slackford leased Cedar Point and added picnic tables, walkways, and other improvements 
• Theodore Moore builds the first dancehall 

• The Grand Pavilion opens 

• The Ladies Pavilion opens 

• First electricity at Cedar Point 

• The Switchback Railway, Cedar Point's first roller coaster, opens 

• Cedar Point is sold to the Cedar Point Pleasure Resort & Company, headed by G. A. Boeckling, for $256,000 

• Cedar Point's first hotel, the Bay Shore Hotel, is built 

• The Kinodrome opens 

• The White House hotel opens 
• The Bay Shore Hotel becomes boarding house 

• The Three-Way Figure Eight Roller Toboggan opens 
• Pony Track opens 

• 1,200-seat Opera House opens 
• The White House hotel is expanded 
• Ohio State University's lake laboratory is built 

• Cyrstal Rock Castle opens 
• The Sea Swing opens 
• Use of the Cedar Point Lighthouse is discontinued 

• Hotel Breakers opens (June 12) 
• Dredging of the lagoons begins 
• Boardwalk expanded 

• The Coliseum opens 
• The Amusement Circle opens featuring the Circle Swing, Chateau Alphonse, Auto Tour, House of Mirth, Cascades, Box Ball, Shooting Gallery, A Trip to Rockaway, a skating rink, and a miniature railway

• New dock opens allowing large ships to come directly to Cedar Point without stopping in Sandusky 
• United States Post Office is opened 
• Final season for skating rink 

• Scenic Railway opens 
• Mundy's Trained Wild Animal Show opens 
• Regular steamship service from Detroit and Toledo added 

• Inaugural year for the famed steamship G. A. Boeckling 

• Glenn Curtiss sets world record for the Longest Over-Water Flight when he flies 63 miles from Euclid Beach near Cleveland to the Cedar Point beach (August 31) 
• Boeckling acquires controlling interest of Cedar Point 
• New bathhouse opens as the largest of its kind in the world 
• Figure-Eight Roller Toboggan moved, rebuilt, and renamed the Racer 

• Leap the Dips Scenic Railway opens 

• Knute Rockne and Gus Dorias perfect the forward pass on the Cedar Point beach

• G. A. Boeckling announces that a large AC generator will be built to extend lighting along the Cedar Point Chaussee (April 30) 
• The first road to Cedar Point, the Chausee, opens (June 13) 
• Cedar Point water tower is built 

• White House hotel is renovated and reopens as Cedars Hotel 

• Coming from Cedar Point with a big crowd aboard, the G. A. Boeckling hits the north end of the pier. Many riders saw visions of the Titanic. Although there was panic for a few minutes, the boat was docked and the incident soon forgotten (August 3) 

• Scenic Railway rebuilt and renamed the Leap Frog Railway 

• Eden Musee opens 

• Bon-Air wing of Hotel Breakers opens 
• The entrance and a portion of the Cedar Point Chausee, battered by storms over previous years, are relocated two miles west 

• The first Kiddieland opens 
• The Caterpillar opens 
• Tornado destroys Cedar Point boat dock in downtown Sandusky 

• Hellen Keller speaks to the Lions Club at Cedar Point (June 30) 
• Noah's Ark opens 

• Final season for the Racer 

• The Cyclone opens 


• G. A. Boeckling passes away at the age of 69 (July 24) 

• Leap Frog is rebuilt and renamed High Frolics 
• Tumble Bug opens 

• Final season for Leap the Dips Scenic Railway 

• Second floor of Coliseum renovated into Art Deco ballroom 
• Final season for High Frolics 

• The Berardi family opens their first french fried potato stand 

• Midway Carousel opens 
• Moon Rocket opens 

• Cedar Point is leased to Torrence Melrose 
• Cedar Point opens for their 80th season June 16 
• First road to the Hotel Breakers main entrance opens. The roadway makes it possible for guests to drive right up to the hotel where a porter handled the baggage and a runner parked the car.
• Erie County Fall Festival is held at Cedar Point. The agricultural event featured exhibits of poultry, livestock, and farm machinery. Various Cedar Point rides and concessions remained opened for the event. (September 7-10) 

• Final season for the Cyclone 
• Final run for the steamship G. A. Boeckling (September 3) 

• New 10-ride Kiddieland opens 


• A Sandusky obstetrician, Dr. Dean Sheldon, purchases the land surrounding the first Cedar Point road that closed in 1920. He establishes a sanctuary for migratory birds 


• Fascination opens 


• George Roose and Emile Legros purchase Cedar Point with plans to turn the peninsula into a housing development 


• Cedar Point Causeway opens (June 12) 


• Cadillac Cars opens 


• Wild Mouse opens 
• Turnpike Cars opens 
• Cedar Point Marina opens 
• Monorail opens 
• Midway enlarged 
• Final season for Noah's Ark 

• Cedar Point confirms "Disney" project
• $16 million of capital improvements announced 
• Midway paving begins 

• Cedar Classic Miniature Golf opens 
• Rotor opens 
• Sky Wheel opens 
• Super Satellite Jets (Star Voyager) opens 
• Final season for Wild Mouse 

• Western Cruise (Paddlewheel Excursions) opens 
• Sky Ride opens 
• Scamper opens 


• Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad opens. 370,000 guests ride the railroad during its first season. 
• Mill Race opens. 


• Cedar Point opens for their 94th season (May 23) 
• Blue Streak opens (May 23) 
• Calypso opens near present day Ice Cream Parlor(May 23) 
• Final season for Rotor 


• Jungle Larry's Safari Island opens 
• Space Spiral opens 
• San Francisco Earthquake opens 
• Calypso relocated to area adjacent to Silver Dollar Cafe 
• Cedar Point surpasses two million in attendance for the first time 
• Advertising slogan "New Heights in Fun" is used 


• Cedar Point opens for their 96th season (May 28) 
• Pirate Ride opens 
• Fun House opens 
• Live Show Department is formed 
• Final season for Eden Musee 
• Final season for Monorail 


• Cedar Point opens for their 97th season (May 29) 
• Frontiertown opens 
• Cedar Downs opens (May 29) 
• Sealand opens (May 29) 
• Hollywood Wax Museum opens (May 29) 
• New version of Rotor opens (May 29) 
• Shoot-the-Rapids opens 


• Golden Palace Theatre opens (May 25) 
• Frontier Lift opens
• Sky Slide opens 
• Kiddieland Carousel (Kiddy Kingdom Carousel) opens 
• Calypso relocated to area adjacent to Sealand 


• Cedar Point opens for their 99th season (May 24) 
• Cedar Creek Mine Ride opens (May 24) 
• Antique Cars open (May 24) 
• Final season for Hollywood Wax Museum 
• Final season for Scamper 


• Cedar Point opens for their 100th season. The park celebrates with 100th year medallions that are given to guests (May 23) 
• Centennial Theatre opens (May 23) 
• WildCat opens (May 23) 
• Tiki Twirl opens (May 23) 
• Bayern Kurve opens (May 23) 
• Dodgem (Dodgem II) opens (May 23) 
• Schwabinchen opens (May 23) 
• Himalaya (Super Himalaya) opens (May 23) 
• Monster opens (May 23) 
• Hofbrau opens (May 23) 
• Million Dollar Midway, now home to the Cedar Point Summer Spectacular, opens (May 23) 
• Redesigned and enlarged Kiddieland opens. Cedar Point calls it "largest in the nation" (May 23) 
• Western Cruise (Paddlewheel Excursions) entrance relocated to near present day location of Iron Dragon 
• CP&LE station relocated to present day location 
• A new Calypso opens in the area adjacent to Silver Dollar Cafe 
• First year for "ride-all-day" ticket 
• Cedar Point boosts it now has the largest ride capacity of any amusement park in the country 

• Frontier Trail opens 
• Camper Village opens 

• Giant Wheel opens 
• Jumbo Jet opens 
• Frontier Carousel opens 


• Cedar Point opens for their 103rd season (May 19) 

• Tramway opens in parking lot 
• Bay Harbor Inn building erected, replacing the old Yacht Club building 
• Gazebo removed from main flower bed and the first floral design debuts - it is the CP star logo. 

• Robert Munger, Jr. becomes president of Cedar Point 
• Cedar Point opens for their 105th season (May 17) 
• Cedar Point Cinema opens 
• The Chartersphere Dome opens at Jungle Larry's African Safari 


• Cedar Point opens for their 106th season (May 15) 
• Jungle Larry's African Safari is re-designed and rebuilt 
• Corkscrew opens as the first roller coaster to feature three inversions (May 15) 
• Troika opens (May 15) 
• J.W. Addington Mill opens (May 15) 
• Cedar Point sets new attendance record of 3,065,000 guests. 


• Witches' Wheel opens 
• Dodgem I opens 
• Bay Harbor Inn opens 
• Eight people are injured by flying glass at the Marina Steak House when severe thunderstorms, with winds of up to 70mph, move across the park (June 19) 
• A tornado strikes the northwest tip of the Cedar Point peninsula. It moved across Frontiertown and Camper Village and then out over Lake Erie. Five rides were damaged including Shoot-the-Rapids, CP&LE Railroad, and the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. The storm hit at 7:45pm and, although the park was open, all rides were shut down. At Camper Village, 15 cars were damaged or destroyed and, in Frontiertown, several dozen trees were uprooted. Also in Frontiertown several buildings were damaged including the Jitney Arcade and the Emporium. A portion of trees that were scheduled to be removed for the construction of Gemini were also uprooted. The park opened the next day with 50 of the 55 rides operated and Frontier Town closed. A total of 15 people were injured (June 30) 
• Directors of Cedar Point, Inc. approve a record $5,200,000 capital appropriations budget for the 1978 season. Improvements will include completion of a new midway, new rides and attractions (September 24) 
• Cedar Point announced that the park's attendance for the 1977 season was 2,868,000, the second highest in its 108-year history. (November 8) 


• Gemini opens as the tallest, fastest, and steepest roller coaster in the world (June 17) 
• Gemini Midway opens connecting former Corkscrew Midway to Frontiertown 
• Cedar Point purchases Valleyfair! in Shakopee, MN 
• Cedar Point holds first CoasterMania. (June 30) The event ran through July 2. About 140 people attended event, which was sponsored by park and the popular culture department of Bowling Green State University. 
• Cedar Point announces 1979 capital improvement plan, highlighted by the Wave Swinger, Jr. Gemini and a newer version of the WildCat (December 8) 
• Final season for Jumbo Jet 


• A two-month strike by three plumbers and 175 skilled trades employees at Cedar Point ends with a direct agreement between the amusement park and the plumbers. (January 2) 
• Jr. Gemini opens 
• Wave Swinger opens 
• WildCat is replaced by new model and relocated to area near Space Spiral 
• The state of Ohio purchases land surrounding the first Cedar Point road from the estate of Dr. Dean Sheldon and establishes Sheldon's Marsh State Nature Preserve. 
• "You Must Be This Tall" boy replaced by individual character signs created by Debbie Klonk, an employee of the Cedar Point's Planning and Design department.  There were initialy five signs on display. 


• Oceana opens 
• Final season for Sky Wheel 

• Cedar Point opens for their 111th season (May 16) 
• Ocean Motion opens (May 16) 
• Kiddieland Carousel (Kiddy Kingdom Carousel) is restored 
• Final season for Shoot-the-Rapids 
• Final season for Fun House 

• White Water Landing opens 
• Kid Arthur's Court opens 
• Bavarian Funfest is held. (September 13) The event runs through September 17. 
• Hotel Breakers is placed on the National Register of Historical Places 


• Cedar Point opens for their 113th season (May 15) 
• Demon Drop opens (May 15) 
• Berenstain Bears introduced 
• Cedar Fair, L. P. is formed. Robert Munger is the first CEO 

• Cedar Point opens for their 114th season (May 12) 
• Cedar Point celebrates the 100th year of the roller coaster 
• Final season for Tiki Twirl 
• Final season for San Francisco Earthquake 
• Final season for Rotor 
• Final season for Bayern Kurve 

• Cedar Point opens for their 115th season (May 11) 
• Avalanche Run opens (May 11) 
• Eye Spy Photo (Sneak Peeks) opens (May 11) 
• Avalanche Eatery (Transport Refreshments) opens (May 11) 
• Berenstain Bear Country opens (May 11) 
• Safari Canyon opens at Jungle Larry's African Safari (May 11) 
• WildCat relocated to Million Dollar Midway to accommodate Avalanche Run 
• Schwabinchen relocated from Million Dollar Midway to area on lake side of Coliseum Arcade 
• Matterhorn relocated from near Space Spiral to area near Corkscrew 
• Super Himalaya relocated from near Space Spiral to location across from Gemini 
• Final season for Frontier Lift 

• Thunder Canyon opens 
• Final season for Star Voyager (Satellite Jets / Super Jets) 


• Cedar Fair, L. P. begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange (April 29) 
• Cedar Point opens for their 117th season (May 9) 
• Iron Dragon opens (May 9) 
• Monster relocated from Million Dollar Midway to area near Gemini to accommodate Iron Dragon 
• Western Cruise relocated to Gemini Midway from Million Dollar Midway and renamed Paddlewheel Excursions to accommodate Iron Dragon 


• Off-season fire at Hotel Breakers causes $80,000 damage 
• Soak City opens 
• Cedar Point carousel horse featured on U. S. postage stamp 


• Cedar Point opens for their 119th season (May 6) 
• Magnum XL-200 opens as the world's tallest, fastest, and steepest roller coaster. It is the first roller coaster in the world to exceed 200 feet in height (May 6) 
• Radisson Harbor Inn opens. It would not be owned by Cedar Point until 1996. 
• Magnum XL-200 officially measured for Guinness Book of World Records (June 2) 
• The first "Big Bash", an annual end-of-the-year party for employees, is held. 
• Cedar Point announces that Avalanche Run will be renovated, enclosed, and renamed Disaster Transport for the 1990 season 

• Cedar Point opens for their 120th season (May 5) 
• Disaster Transport opens (May 5) 
• Avalanche Eatery renamed Transport Refreshments 
• Sandcastle Suites opens 
• Soak City is expanded to include Tadpole Town and Main Stream 
• Modifications made to Magnum XL-200 
• Final season for the Trabant 

• Cedar Point opens for their 121th season (May 11) 
• Mean Streak opens as the world's tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster (May 16) 
• Media Day held for Mean Streak (May 22) 
• Breakwater Cafe opens 
• MagnumMania is held (June 7) 
• Final season for Sky Slide 
• Final season for Cedar Classic Miniature Golf 
• Cedar Point announces the price of junior admission will be drastically reduced for the 1992 season 

• Cedar Point opens for their 122nd season (May 9) 
• Macaroni's opens, replacing the Swiss Chalet (May 9) 
• An expanded Berenstain Bear Country opens on the site of the former Sky Slide and Cedar Classic Miniature Gol (May 9) 
• Bear Country Railroad opens (May 9) 
• Challenge Park opens near Magnum XL-200 (May 9) 
• 4x4's open in Kiddieland (May 9) 
• CoasterMania '92 is held (June 5) 
• NBC's Today Show and Cedar Point make history when the "Gadget Guru" Andy Pargh broadcasts live while riding the Mean Streak. It marks the first time a live broadcast occurred while riding a roller coaster (June 26) 
• Cedar Point's parent company Cedar Fair, L.P. announces the acquisition of Dorney Park in Allentown, PA (July 22) 
• Cedar Point announces Snake River Falls, the world's highest and fastest water ride, will debut in 1993 (September 9) 
• Cedar Point announces it will open a Hardees on the corner the Causeway and Fifth Street in Sandusky. The fast food restaurant will have a Cedar Point theme and, at 4,500 square feet, will be the largest Hardees in the world (December 9) 
• Sandcastle Suites is expanded 
• Cedar Point changes soft drink providers from Coke to Pepsi 
• Cedar Point celebrates 100 years of roller coasters at the park with commemorative signs at each coaster 
• Hotel Breakers is placed on the National Register of Historical Places 


• Cedar Point announces that it will expand Kiddieland and rename it Kiddy Kingdom. The area will have a new bumper boat ride and a medieval theme (January 20) 
• Cedar Point opens for their 123rd season (May 8) 
• Snake River Falls opens as the world's tallest, fastest, and steepest water ride (May 8) 
• Sir Bumpalot's Boats opens (May 8) 
• Marina Steak House renovated and renamed Boathouse 
• Kiddieland Carousel renamed Kiddy Kingdom Carousel 
• Monster is closed for the first portion of the operating season while Cedar Point awaits delivery of parts for the ride. 
• The Cedar Point Newsletter, the Internet's first Cedar Point information service, begins distribution (August 26) 
• Cedar Point announces Raptor. An invitation to the 10:30 AM press conference calls Raptor the "most exciting and ambitious project ever ... a project that will challenge the boundaries of imagination and change the Sandusky, Ohio amusement park/resort like nothing before it." (September 1) 
• Final season for Mill Race 
• Final season for Taffy Box 

• The Cedar Point Trip FAQ, the Internet's first Cedar Point information guide, is released (April 19) 
• Cedar Point opens for their 124th season (May 7) 
• Raptor opens as the world's tallest and fastest inverted roller coaster (May 7) 
• Raptor Photos opens 
• Midway Carousel relocated to just inside main gate to accommodate Raptor 
• Calypso relocated next to Blue Streak to accommodate Raptor 
• Turnpike Cars is reduced in size to accommodate Raptor 
• Trim brakes are installed on Mean Streak's first drop 
• A portion of the Hotel Breakers is razed in preparation for a hotel expansion 
• Final season for Frontier Carousel 
• Final season for Jungle Larry's African Safari 
• "Christmas in the Park" is held for the first and last time. The Midway Carousel, Park Plaza, and Sweets n' Treats were open for the event. A horse drawn carriage touring behind the scenes at the park, area choirs, Christmas music, Santa in a Magnum car, and a Christmas tree on the midway were also part of the festivities. Hours of operations were: Monday - Saturday, 11 AM - 8 PM; Sunday 12 PM - 5 PM; Christmas Eve, 11 AM - 3PM; Christmas Day, closed. The event ended December 30 (December 10) 

• Cedar Fair purchases Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, MO 
• Cedar Point opens for their 125th season (May 13) 
• Cedar Point celebrates "125 Summers" with a time capsule in Hotel Breakers, an award from the National Amusement Park Historical Association and a special logo on flags and merchandise. 
• The Cedar Point Summer Spectacular, a laser, light, and sound show, debuts (May 27) 
• Soak City is expanded. New additions include Zoom Flume, Renegade River, and Choo Choo Lagoon 
• Soak City opens for its 7th season (May 27) 
• Breakers East, a new wing at the Hotel Breakers, opens 
• Cedar Point announces plans for Banshee (September 8) 
• Cedar Point confirms their new stand-up roller coaster will not be called Banshee, due to the connotation of the word 'banshee' (September 13) 
• Cedar Point announces their new stand-up roller coaster will be renamed Mantis (November 17) 
• Cedar Point launches web site at www.cedarpoint.com (November 17) 

• Media Day is held for Mantis (May 9) 
• Cedar Point opens for their 126th season (May 11) 
• Mantis opens as the world's tallest, fastest, and steepest stand-up roller coaster (May 11) 
• Mantis Photos opens (May 11) 
• Striker, one of four dolphins at Oceana, dies (July 22) 
• Coco, one of three remaining dolphins at Oceana, dies (July 29) 
• RipCord opens in Challenge Park 
• Final season for Pirate Ride 
• Final season for Chicken Patio 
• Cedar Point announces plans for a Soak City expansion (August 8) 
• Walt Schmidt launches his first Cedar Point web site when Cedar Point Newsletter moves to the web (December 14) 
• Cedar Point buys 99% share of Radisson Harbor Inn for $2,300,000. 


• Park takes over Hardess on Fifth St, renovates and renames it Coastes Mid-Way Grill. The menu included five lunch combos named after Cedar Point roller coasters 
• Quarterdeck Arcade opens 
• New boats are installed on Paddlewheel Excursions 
• Midway Market opens 
• Trim brakes are added to Mantis' first drop 
• Soak City expansion includes 500,000 gallon wave pool, action slide area, activity pool, and Bubbles, an adult swim-up bar 
• Swan Boats open 
• CoasterMania '97 is held (June 6) 
• Chaos opens (June 7) 
• Plans are announced for Power Tower (August 20) 
• First annual HalloWeekends is held (September 26-28, October 3-5, 10-12) 
• Final season for Oceana 
• Cedar Point announces 2-year, $16,000,000 expansion to the Hotel Breakers 
• Cedar Fair purchases Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA 


• Misty, one of the two remaining dolphins at Oceana, dies (February 20). The other dolphin, Breeze, retires at the Dolphin Research Center 
• Cedar Point opens for their 128th season (May 10) 
• Power Tower opens as the world's tallest drop ride (May 10) 
• Frog Hopper opens (May 10) 
• Safari Gifts renovated and renamed Power Station 
• Sir Bumpalot's Boats relocated from Kiddy Kingdom to area in front of Gemini 
• Waterspouts are seen offshore (June 30) 
• Parking fee is increased to $6.00 (August 1) 
• Cedar Point announces Camp Snoopy will be built for the 1999 season. The new children's area will include a 31-foot family coaster. The new Hotel Breakers addition is named Breakers Tower (November 13) 
• Final season for Berentstain Bear Country 
• Final season for the Oceana Aquarium 
• Final season for Paddlewheel Cafe 


• Cedar Point opens for their 129th season (May 9) 
• Breakers Tower, a 10-story addition to the Hotel Breakers that began in 1997, opens 
• Cedar Point Grand Prix in Challange Park is replaced by Triple Challenge Racepark 
• Oceana Stadium renamed Cedar Point Aquatic Stadium, home to a high-dive show 
• Coasters opens (May 9) 
• Snoopy Boutique opens (May 9) 
• Peanuts Playground opens (May 9) 
• Bear Country Railroad renamed Peanuts Express 
• TGI Friday's opens on the Cedar Point beach 
• Camp Snoopy opens (May 9) 
• Charlie Brown's Cookout opens (May 9) 
• Woodstock Express opens (May 9) 
• Camp Bus opens (May 9) 
• Snoopy Bounce opens (May 9) 
• Lolli Swing opens (May 9) 
• Balloon Race opens (May 9) 
• Tilt-a-Whirl opens (May 9) 
• Camp Snoopy Photo opens (May 9) 
• Peanuts 500 opens (May 9) 
• Red Baron opens (May 9) 
• Super Himalaya is moved to accommodate Camp Snoopy 
• Stadium Games opens (May 9) 
• Edison Learning Company opens (May 9) 
• Two-year renovation of Cedar Point Marina begins 
• 14th annual Physics Day is held (May 20) 
• CoasterMania '99 is held (June 4) 
• Cedar Point announces construction has started on Breakers Express, which will open for the 2000 season (July 2) 
• Cedar Point announces Millennium Force, a 310-foot giga-coaster will be built for the 2000 season (July 22) 
• Cedar Point holds third annual HalloWeekends event (September 24-26, October 1-3, 8-10) 
• Cedar Fair, L. P. announces the purchase of White Water Canyon in San Diego, CA (October 14) 
• Final season for Kid Arthur's Court 
• Final season for Edison Learning Company 


• Media Day is held for Millennium Force (May 11) 
• Cedar Point opens for their 130th season (May 13) 
• Millennium Force opens as the world's tallest, fastest, and steepest roller coaster. It is the first roller coaster in the world to exceed 300 feet in height (May 13) 
• Beagle Bay Outfitters opens in former location of Edison Learning Company (May 13) 
• Giant Wheel is relocated to accommodate Millennium Force 
• Candy Factory renovated and split into two food stands: C. J.'s Provisions and Toot Sweets 
• Gemini Gifts is renamed Joe Cool's Corner Store 
• Early Petting Farm renovated and moved to accommodate Millennium Force 
• Entrance to Mantis is relocated to opposite side of CP&LE tracks 
• Climbing wall opens next to Dodgem I 
• Aunt Em's renovated and renamed Coyote Cody's and Dastardly Dan's 
• Virtual Midway is launched (May 23) 
• Ticket to Ride, Cedar Point's first attempt at a virtual queue, is introduced on Millennium Force (June 23) 
• Cedar Point holds Millennium Mania for the first time (September 6) 
• Final season for Fascination 


• Lighthouse Point opens 
• Johnny Rockets opens 
• Stuffed Shirt is renamed Lotsapalooza 
• Cedar Fair, L.P. announces plans to purchase Michigan's Adventure in Muskegon, MI (May 7) 
• CoasterMania '01 is held (June 1) 
• VertiGo opens (August 11) 
• A lift cable on Millennium Force snaps during morning testing, causing the ride to be shut down for several days (September 2) 
• Final season for Dodgem I 
• Construction begins on Wicked Twister (October 15) 
• Stadium Games is razed (October 15) 
• Cedar Point announces Wicked Twister, a 215-foot impulse roller coaster, will open for the 2002 season. The park also announced that the Cedar Point Cinema will be renovated into an ice skating theatre and renamed the Good Time Theatre. The new theatre will be home to "Snoopy Rocks! On Ice" (November 20) 


• A 200-foot section of one of VertiGo's three towers collapses (January 14) 
• Cedar Point announces that VertiGo will be removed (March 6) 
• Media Day is held for Wicked Twister (May 2) 
• Cedar Point opens for their 132nd season (May 5) 
• Wicked Twister opens as the world's tallest and fastest impulse roller coaster (May 5) 
• Caves are removed from White Water Landing 
• IMAX Refreshments is renamed Good Time Refreshments 
• Lusty Lil's Golden Palace renamed Palace Theatre 
• Krispy Kreme doughnuts introduced 
• CoasterMania '02 is held (June 7) 
• Good Time Theatre opens featuring "Snoopy Rocks! On Ice" (June 22) 
• Track for Top Thrill Dragster is spotted on Perimeter Road near Mean Streak (August 21) 
• Amusement Today's Golden Ticket Awards announces Cedar Point as "Best Amusement Park" for 5th consecutive year. The park also took top honors in "Best Capacity," "Best Games," and "Best Steel Coaster" for Millennium Force (August 26) 
• Final season for Schwabinchen 
• Final season for Power Station 
• Final season for Hats n' Such 
• Final season for Corkscrew Refreshments 
• Final season for Quarterdeck Arcade 

• Cedar Point announces Top Thrill Dragster (January 9) 
• Top Thrill Dragster media day is held (May 1) 
• Cedar Point opens for their 133rd season (May 4) 
• Top Thrill Dragster opens (May 4) 
• Speed Zone opens, replacing Power Station (May 4) 
• Speed Freaks opens, replacing Hats n' Such (May 4) 
• Grandstand Refreshments opens (May 4) 
• Dragster Photos opens (May 4) 
• Corkscrew lawn reduced to make room for Grandstand Refreshments and new midway 
• Chaos relocated to Wicked Twister Midway to accommodate Top Thrill Dragster 
• Troika relocated to Wicked Twister Midway to accommodate Top Thrill Dragster. The ride also receives a new color scheme. 
• WildCat receives new color scheme 
• The Guessing Game is relocated on the Top Thrill Dragster Midway to accommodate Top Thrill Dragster 
• Cedar Point celebrates Gemini's 25th anniversary (June 17) 
• Cedar Fair, L.P. announces that the company is considering an indoor waterpark at the Radisson Harbor Inn (July 15) 
• Cedar Point was affected by a major power outage that struck simultaneously from New York to Michigan. Power was lost at 4:10 p.m. and was restored a few hours later. The power outage did force the park to close early, the first time the park has ever been forced to close early due to a power outage. (August 14) 
• Cedar Point voted best amusement park for the sixth consecutive year in Amusement Today's Golden Ticket Awards. The park also placed four roller coasters among the top 11 steel coasters: Millennium Force at #2, Magnum XL-200 at #4, Raptor at #10, and Top Thrill Dragster at #11 and was also voted #1 for the sixth consecutive year in the "Best Capacity" category. (August 23) 
• Cedar Point announces $10 million 2004 capital improvement plan which includes the expansion of Lighthouse Point and the addition of Splash Zone at Soak City (October 15) 
• Cedar Point announces Castaway Bay (November 13) 
• Final season for Swan Boats
• Final season for Boathouse
• Final season for Silver Dollar Cafe
• Final season for Senior Citizens Craft Bazaar
• Final season for Games of Skill


• Cedar Point announces Donut Time, Game Day Grille, and Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que (February 5)
• Cedar Point announces maXair (December 1)