Cedar Point History - 1920's

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Bon-Air wing of Hotel Breakers opens

The entrance and a portion of the Cedar Point Chausee, battered by storms over previous years, are relocated two miles west.

Sunday, June 6, 1920
Cedar Point opens for 51st season.
Sunday, June 12, 1921
Cedar Point opens for its 52nd season.
Sunday, June 11, 1922
Cedar Point opens for its 53rd season.

Cedar Point spends $150,000 improving and remodeling concessions, the midway, and other areas of the resort.

Monday, April 2, 1923
Cedar Point awards contract for candy and soft drink concessions to Roy Dickson, owner of The Evergreens, W. F. McClurg, manager of the cafeteria, and James Brownscombe.
Sunday, June 10, 1923
Cedar Point opens for its 54th season

The first Kiddieland opens.

The Caterpillar opens.

Tornado destroys Cedar Point boat dock in downtown Sandusky.

Sunday, June 8, 1924
Cedar Point opens for its 55th season.

Noah's Ark opens

Sunday, June 14, 1925
Cedar Point opens for its 56th season
Tuesday, June 30, 1925
Hellen Keller speaks to the Lions Club at Cedar Point.
Sunday, June 13, 1926
Cedar Point opens for its 57th season.
Sunday, June 12, 1927
Cedar Point opens for its 58th season.

Final season for the Racer

Sunday, June 10, 1928
Cedar Point opens for its 59th season.

The Cyclone opens.

The Cedar Point Bridge Co. established as a subsidiary of the G. A. Boeckling Co. The public utility corporation was created to build a causeway from Sandusky to Cedar Point. With the Great Depression to soon follow, construction is never started.

Thursday, May 2, 1929
Portions of the Cedar Point auto roadway are damaged by storm winds.
Sunday, June 9, 1929
Cedar Point opens for its 60th season
Tuesday, July 16, 1929
Cedar Point formally denies that the resort is to be closed because of impure water conditions. President G. A. Boeckling said similar rumors had been circulated about other Lake Erie shore resorts.