Cedar Point 2012

There is a lot of excitement building for the 2012 season at Cedar Point. Here is a list of everything that's been confirmed for this summer at the world's greatest amusement park.

Ongoing discussion of the 2012 season

Dinosaurs Alive!

Cedar Point Dinosaurs Alive

New at Cedar Point in 2012 is Dinosaurs Alive! on Adventure Island, a prehistoric-themed attraction featuring nearly 50 life-size animatronic dinosaurs.

The journey into Dinosaurs Alive! will be multi-sensory and interactive. Guests will be able to see approximately 50 life-size animatronic dinosaurs that will roar and move. Each will be handcrafted and covered with skin-like materials that will replicate almost every feature. Four of the dinosaurs will have interactive consoles that will allow guests to guide their movement to create an up-close look at how these dinosaurs moved their arms, tail, eyes and mouth.

A life-sized T-Rex will great guests at Cedar Point's main gate this summer.

Admission to Dinosaurs Alive! will be $5 per person. Special rates for groups and schools will also be available.

More information on Dinosaurs Alive! is available on Cedar Point's website.

Luminosity: Ignite the Night

Cedar Point will introduce a brand new nighttime celebration that will bring a new level of excitement to the park. Luminosity's grand opening is June 8 and the show will run through August 19. Guests can experience the magic before then as the show unofficially starts Friday, June 1.

  • Interactive pre-show and countdown to the show's start
  • 25 dancers, 3 drummers, 2 cirque performers, a DJ, and singers
  • The 40 minute show will contain several sections: Land Travel, Sea Travel, Space Travel, and the Finale
  • Fireworks will follow the show, leading to a dance party with a DJ

The show is a $6 million investment for Cedar Point. The midway area near Iron Dragon will transformed into Celebration Plaza, with the stage located near what had been the Iron Dragon queue. Iron Dragon's queue will be re-routed behind the stage.

During the day, the stage will be used for a new PEANUTS stage show.

More on Luminosity from cedarpoint.com

The large screen in front of the CP&LE will be removed. Control booths in the middle of the midway will be relocated to the side.

Live Entertainment

  • New ice show "Happiness is ... Snoopy! On Ice," which debuted last fall at Knott's Berry Farm
  • New shows at the Red Garter ("Absolute Country") and Palace Theatre ("Summer Daze")
  • Visit cedarpoint.com for show schedules and information

Fast Lane and Fright Lane

Cedar Point Fast Lane
  • $50/person for the day, $30/person if five or more are purchased ($5 extra on Saturdays)
  • Wristband allows for quicker access to 16 of Cedar Point's most popular rides, but will not be "exit ramp" access
  • Fright lane will allow faster access to some of the park's haunted attractions during HalloWeekends
  • Limited number of Fast Lane tickets will be sold each day
  • See complete details at cedarpoint.com

Soak City

  • Dragster H2O - new mat-racer slide complex
  • Reconditioning of main slide complex, painting each slide a different color


  • Terror Island is moving to Frontiertown
  • An existing maze may also be re-themed

Other additions and changes

  • Upwards of $1 million being spent to make the park more accessible, including upgrades to every restroom, food stand, and restaurant
  • Cedar Point will offering a new premium parking option in portion of Space Spiral lot near main entrance
  • The park will be returning to the original recipe for their famous fresh-cut french fries
  • New lighting packages for Millennium Force, Power Tower, and Giant Wheel
  • New paint for Blue Streak, Giant Wheel, and Millennium Force
  • Main Midway will receive new lighting and sound upgrades from the main gate to Corkscrew
  • All lockers being replaced with new electronic lockers
  • New installment plan option for season pass purchases
  • New retail shop for Breakers Express
  • Upgrades and improvements for Cedar Point Drive, including new walkways and bike paths
  • Park adding two ride mechanics and two electronic controls technicians to maintenance staff to help reduce ride downtime
  • Cedar Point to add cabanas, tents, chairs, and other recreational services this summer to lure more visitors to the Cedar Point beach.
  • Cedar Fair's new marketing campaign, "Thrills Connect," aims to show guests they can never get on coaster, but still have a great day with family.