Cedar Point History

Extensive timeline of Cedar Point's history.

Ask RideMan

Dave Althoff answers your questions about the inner workings of rides and roller coasters.

Top 10 Cedar Point news stories of 2015

The top stories of Cedar Point’s 145th season, as chosen by the fans.

Top 10 Cedar Point news stories of 2014

Cedar Point’s 144th year featured new rides, upgrades, fun, along with a dash of the unexpected.

Where The Roller Coasters Come From

A behind the scenes look at the factory where GateKeeper was made. Includes interviews with Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet and VP of Planning and Design Rob Decker.

Cedar Point 2013 Watch

Speculation and news for Cedar Point's 2013 capital improvement project.

Disaster Transport and Avalanche Run

Video, photos, and historical documents featuring Disaster Transport and Avalanche Run.


Video and photos from Cedar Point's new nighttime experience.

Dinosaurs Alive video tour

A look at Cedar Point's new dinosaur themed attraction.

Matt Ouimet: Being the CEO of a billion dollar amusement park company

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company's new CEO, Matt Ouimet, gives his first video interview for PointBuzz's sister site, CoasterBuzz.

Cedar Point New for 2012

Information on everything new at Cedar Point for the 2012 season.

Coasting For Kids 2011

Information and coverage for Coasting For Kids 2011.


Complete coverage of Cedar Point's new ride for 2011.

Cedar Point 2011 Watch

Speculation and news leading up to Windseeker announcement.

CoasterMania 2010

Video of keynote speaker Walter Bolliger.

Cedar Point Opening Day 2010

Coverage of the park's opening day from 2010.

Cedar Fair and Apollo Global Management

Collection of news articles and documents related to the terminated merger.

Shoot The Rapids

Complete coverage of Cedar Point's new water ride.

Cedar Point 2010 Watch

Speculation and news leading up to Shoot The Rapids announcement.

Demon Drop Tribute

The sights and sounds of Demon Drop, removed from the park after the 2009 season.

Cedar Point's Starlight Experience

Behind-the-scenes look at Cedar Point's Starlight Experience

HalloWeekends 2008

Behind-the-scenes look at HalloWeekends 2008.

Corn Stalkers, Halloweekends 2008

Go behind the scenes of Cedar Point's new outdoor haunt for 2008.

Club Blood, Halloweekends 2008

A behind the scenes look at the Club Blood haunted house at Cedar Point for the 2008 Halloweekends event.

Maverick B-roll Video

Video from the day of Maverick's debut in 2007.

The Physics of maXair

Dave Althoff, Jr.'s technical look at maXair

Skyhawk video

A complete cycle of the S&S swing at Cedar Point, shot the morning of its media day, May 4, 2006.

Top Thrill Dragster - A Technical Introduction

Dave Althoff, Jr.'s technical look at Top Thrill Dragster