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For hardcore Cedar Point fans, the only thing more fun than taking a spin on the park's thrill rides is discussing what the next year might bring. We've made it easy for you to keep up on the latest by compiling all the information here in one place.

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What We Know

Cedar Point officially announces 2012 as the final season for Disaster Transport and Space Spiral. Disaster Transport will finish with a last ride fundraiser to benefit Give Kids The World on July 29. Space Spiral's final day will likely be closer to Labor Day
July 13, 2012 via Press Release and Twitter

The Sandusky Register reported on May 30, 2012 that a B&M Wing Coaster will debut at Cedar Point in 2013. The newspaper says the coaster will have “longest drop, run the fastest and be the longest ride" and make a “Front Gate Statement — a roller coaster that flies overhead, rolls and flies back— highly visible above guests entering the park.”
May 30, 2012 via Sandusky Register

The Sandusky Register reported on May 30, 2012 that Disaster Transport and Space Spiral will be removed to make room for the new coaster.
May 30, 2012 via Sandusky Register

While speaking to the Erie County Chamber of Commerce, Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet said Cedar Point's 2013 capital expenditures will total $25 million. He also made references to opening up the view of the beach.
April 24, 2012 via PointBuzz member tambo in a forum thread