Cedar Point 2010 Watch

The 2010 ride, Shoot the Rapids, has been announced

For hardcore Cedar Point fans, the only thing more fun than taking a spin on the park's thrill rides is discussing what the next year might bring. We've made it easy for you to keep up on the latest by compiling all the information here in one place.

Photo Gallery of Construction Site

Aerial photos showing land clearing

Ongoing Discussion of the 2010 Project

Media guy shows Whyte Lightning tease from Cedar Point

Clues, Teases, and other 2010 info from Cedar Point

"One last bit of info...it's not a coaster! Details at 9:10 a.m."
September 3 via Twitter

Less Than 24 Hours
September 2 via OnPoint!

"09.03.09 09:10. All will be revealed."
September 1 via Twitter

"Them Canfield's & McGee's will still be feudin' down river next year ..."
August 28 via Twitter

"Two down ... one to go."
August 27 via Twitter

"Cedar Point is not building an S&S, a B&M, a Grav. Group, a Mack, or a Gerstlauer."
August 26 via Facebook

Hmm ...
August 25 via OnPoint!

"2010 Is Not ... a Togo or a GCI."
August 25 via OnPoint!

"Aquatrax??? Not in 2010..."
August 24 via Twitter

"We're getting closer to our 2010 announcement. We narrow down the list of possibilities this week."
August 23 via Twitter

"Oh, and Snake is not going anywhere. There. Confirmed."
August 22 via PointBuzz

If Rides Had Personalities
August 17 via OnPoint!

"Definitely NOT taking the Beemer out for a spin today. Or next year for that matter. #fb"
August 15 via Twitter

"You're on to something!"
August 14 via CoasterBuzz

"KD: 1 CW: 2 CP: 3 #fb"
August 14 via Twitter

"Laboring over these 2010 plans is exhausting!"
August 13 via Twitter

"New Point Poll question: What's going on in 2010? http://bit.ly/AdykP #fb"
August 13 via Twitter

A Word From Our Sponsors
August 11 via OnPoint!

"Harnesses? Check. Wheels? Check. #fb"
August 10 via Twitter

"witnessed many people enjoying the intamin settting of the park at sunset..."
August 9 via Facebook

"I prefer my lunch TOGO...especially when there's lightning around."
August 8 via Twitter

"Gee, See Eye!! #fb"
August 7 via Twitter

Next Year
August 6 via OnPoint!

"A foot here...a foot there...a foot everywhere..."
August 6 via Facebook

August 4 via Twitter

"Want the head's up on 2010? Stay tuned...somethin's brewin'! #fb"
August 2 via Twitter

"Not always true. In my personal opinion, it will be a great addition to the park."
July 31 via PointBuzz

"I'm happy with it."
July 31 via PointBuzz

"On a conference call with peeps from the other parks in the CF family. 2010 secrets, anyone?"
July 29 via Twitter

"Off to another 2010 improvements meeting. And no, I can't bring in a tape recorder!"
July 24 via Twitter

"2010 interviews went well. On to the next shoot!"
July 23 via Twitter

"I'm filming an interview for the 2010 season at 3 p.m. today. Should be cool!"
July 23 via Twitter

"@robertorubell You should be expecting...anything...in 2010..."
June 28 via Twitter

"Heading to a meeting on our 2010 plans in a little bit. Crazy how you plan this far in advance!"
June 26 via Twitter