GateKeeper Update

February 8, 2013

Main Entrance

Renderings for the new main entrance are available. They show some of the new features of the park's redesigned gate.

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View plaza from alternate angle
  1. Season Pass Center expanded to include former Group Sales area
  2. Restrooms
  3. Raised seating areas throughout the plaza
  4. Merchandise
  5. Security
  6. LED banner display
  7. Guest Services
  8. Giant United States flag
  9. Ticket kiosks
  10. Staff parking
  11. Tickets
  12. Group Sales

GateKeeper Queue and Plaza

If you excuse the old satellite image and use your imagination ...

  1. Entrance into GateKeeper plaza, featuring large gates
  2. Open area extending to concrete wall (which will include security fence).
  3. Large slanted covering to provide shade for new seating area
  4. GateKeeper queue between beach and lift hill