Cedar Point History - 1900's

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The Kinodrome opens.

Cedar Point first offers dancing.

Saturday, 26 May 1900
Cedar Point opens for its 31st season.
Monday, 13 August 1900
Warrant for the arrest of G. A. Boeckling is issued. Boeckling was charged with violating the law prohibiting alcohol sales on Sunday.
Thursday, 06 September 1900
The case against G. A. Boeckling is dismissed. Boeckling had been charged with violating the law prohibiting alcohol sales on Sunday.
Sunday, 09 September 1900
Final day of operation for 1900 season.

The Bay Shore Hotel becomes a boarding house.

Arc lights are replaced by colored electric lights.

Tuesday, 19 February 1901
During the annual meeting of the Cedar Point Pleasure Resort the company decides not to open Cedar Point for the 1901 season. No official reason was given, but observers noted it was likely related to the controversy surrounding the prohibition of Sunday alcohol sales.
Friday, 12 April 1901
Cedar Point Pleasure Resort decides to open Cedar Point for the 1901 season. The company had said earlier in the year that it would not open the resort.
Tuesday, 07 May 1901
Workers break ground for new White House hotel.
Saturday, 01 June 1901
Cedar Point opens for its 32nd season.
Monday, 29 July 1901
The White House hotel opens.

Three-way figure eight toboggan opens. Eleven cars operate on the 46-foot tall ride. The ride is constructed by Ingersoll Bros. of Pittsburgh, Pa.

White House hotel is renovated.

Cedar Point steamers R. B. Hayes and A. Wehrle undergo extensive repairs. The A. Wehrle is also remodeled.

New miniature railway is built to replace railway that failed in 1901. The railway runs from the dock to the pavilion.

Bath houses are enlarged, more than doubling their capacity.

Monday, 10 February 1902
Cedar Point announces Loop The Loop and a three-way, figure eight toboggan new for the 1902 season.
Saturday, 31 May 1902
Cedar Point opens for its 33rd season.
Thursday, 23 October 1902
The Cedar Point Improvement Company approves plans for Hotel Breakers.

1,200-seat Opera House opens.

The White House hotel is expanded.

Ohio State University's lake laboratory is built.

Cedar Point opens for its 34th season.


Cedar Point opens for its 35th season.

Cyrstal Rock Castle opens.

The Sea Swing opens.

Use of the Cedar Point Lighthouse is discontinued.


Dredging of the lagoons begins.

Boardwalk expanded.

Cedar Point opens for its 36th season.

Monday, 12 June 1905
Hotel Breakers opens.

Coliseum opens.

Amusement Circle opens featuring the Circle Swing, Chateau Alphonse, Auto Tour, House of Mirth, Cascades, Box Ball, Shooting Gallery, A Trip to Rockaway, a skating rink, and a miniature railway.

Cedar Point opens for its 37th season.


Cedar Point opens for its 38th season.

New dock opens allowing large ships to come directly to Cedar Point without stopping in Sandusky.

United States Post Office is opened.

Final season for skating rink.


Scenic Railway opens.

Mundy's Trained Wild Animal Show opens.

Regular steamship service from Detroit and Toledo added.

Cedar Point opens for its 39th season.


Cedar Point opens for its 40th season.

Inaugural year for the famed steamship G.A. Boeckling