Cedar Point History - 1930's

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Sunday, 08 June 1930
Cedar Point opens for its 61st season.
Monday, 08 June 1931
Cedar Point opens for its 62nd season.
Friday, 24 July 1931
G.A. Boeckling passes away at the age of 69.
Sunday, 12 June 1932
Cedar Point opens for its 63rd season.
Saturday, 02 July 1932
Leaping Lena ride opens between Merry-Go-Round and Noah's Ark. The attraction is a 62-foot flat ride with 12 racy autos. Each auto is flexibly attached to a moving trolley and is towed around the circular dished platform at 6 RPM.

Motordome and circus sideshow are among the new attractions on the midway

Sunday, 11 June 1933
Cedar Point opens for its 64th season.
Sunday, 11 June 1933
Venetian swings opens.

Leap Frog is rebuilt and renamed High Frolics.

Tumble Bug opens.

Saturday, 16 June 1934
Cedar Point opens for 65th season.

Final season for Leap the Dips Scenic Railway

Saturday, 15 June 1935
Cedar Point opens for its 66th season.
Saturday, 13 June 1936
Cedar Point opens for its 67th season.

New bridle path opens behind Hotel Breakers.

Tavern Terrace, an open-air cocktail lounge, opens.

Pony Track attraction opens

Saturday, 12 June 1937
Cedar Point opens for its 68th season.

Hi-De-Ho in the Dark fun house opens.

Telephone cable laid along bottom of Sandusky Bay connecting Cedar Point and Sandusky

Octopus ride opens.

Saturday, 11 June 1938
Cedar Point opens for 69th season.

Second floor of Coliseum renovated into Art Deco ballroom

Final season for High Frolics.

Saturday, 10 June 1939
Cedar Point opens for 70th season.