Cedar Point History - 1940's

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Saturday, 08 June 1940
Cedar Point opens for 71st season.
Thursday, 22 August 1940
Cedar Point holds annual Sandusky Day event.

New linoleum floor covering replaces former textile covering in Hotel Breakers corridor from rotunda to rear entrance.

Two large electric signs erected along lake front to guide guests to Hotel Breakers.

Saturday, 14 June 1941
Cedar Point opens for 72nd season.
Tuesday, 17 June 1941
A teenage girl suffers a leg fracture after being run over by one of the cars on Cyclone. It was reported the girl was with a group preparing to ride Cyclone and was accidentally pushed into the path of one of the cars.
Wednesday, 20 August 1941
Cedar Point holds annual Sandusky Day event.

The Berardi family opens their first french fried potato stand.

Saturday, 13 June 1942
Cedar Point opens for 73rd season.
Saturday, 13 June 1942
Gene Krupa Band opens the 1942 season in the Grand Ballroom at Cedar Point.
Saturday, 13 June 1942
Roll-A-Plane opens
Monday, 07 September 1942
Final day of 1942 operating season.
Saturday, 26 June 1943
Cedar Point opens for 74th season.
Saturday, 17 June 1944
Cedar Point opens for 75th season.

Hotel Breakers lobby completely redecorated.

All concessions are equipped with AC motors, marking the first season that no electric current will be manufactured at Cedar Point. Electric service is provided by Ohio Public Service Co.

Tuesday, 08 May 1945
Cedar Point announces that due to curfew and other wartime restrictions, "name bands" will not be featured in the Coliseum Ballroom for the 1945 season.
Saturday, 16 June 1945
Cedar Point opens for 76th season.
Thursday, 16 August 1945
Cedar Point holds annual Sandusky Day event.

Midway Carousel opens.

Moon Rocket opens.

Bobalo fun house opens, replaces Fun Barracks.

New roller rink opens on site of former wax works.

Monday, 04 March 1946
Frank Raschig, Ohio State Public Works Director, announces that a park site advisory board would check several areas, including acreage near Cedar Point, as possible sites for two new state parks.
Saturday, 15 June 1946
Cedar Point opens for 77th season.
Saturday, 15 June 1946
Coliseum ballroom reopens with "name bands" after wartime hiatus.
Saturday, 03 August 1946
Major General John B. Coulter speaks to veterans and their families at All-Ohio Veterans Get-Together Day at Cedar Point.
Saturday, 14 June 1947
Cedar Point opens for 78th season.

Improvements are made to Cedar Point auto entrance, including two exit lanes, two entrance lanes, and a right-turn only lane on Rt. 6 westbound. The configuration remains today.

Coliseum Ballroom does not open. Instead, a social plan dance hall opens on Coliseum's first floor.

Final season for Moon Rocket

Saturday, 12 June 1948
Cedar Point opens for 79th season.

Coliseum ballroom reopens with "name bands" after a 2-year hiatus.

Saturday, 18 June 1949
Cedar Point opens for 80th season.