Towing firms, booster club also not happy with parking tax

Wednesday, 11 June 2003

The Sandusky Blue Streaks Boosters and local towing companies are taking steps against the city of Sandusky's 8 percent parking tax, according to the Sandusky Register.

On Tuesday, the Boosters said the group will continue to collect a $1 fee for parking during home football games, but the money collected is a "donation" and not a fee. A donation means the city cannot collect on its 8 percent tax, according to Booster club treasurer Paul Wilke.

Local towing companies are considering legal action against the city. Many owners are upset because the towing companies already absorb the cost of towing the city's junk vehicles. The companies are planning to get together to fight the tax.

"We absolutely appreciate the support,"Cedar Point spokeswoman Janice Witherow told the Register, noting the park didn't organize an effort to get the school district on its side.

First Congregational United Church of Christ, currently renting 15 of 18 parking spaces, is considering increasing its $10 monthly fee. Last month, the church paid its first installation of the tax, which amounted to $1.60.

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