Companies failing successfully

Tuesday, 10 June 2003

The Motley Fool's Rick Munarriz asks the question: can a stumbling block also be a building block? Munarriz suggests that there is success in failure, as long as the company has earned the right to fail successfully.

"With every trip it gets harder to come back up," Munarriz writes. "Patience? There is none for the boy who cries 'Fluke!' But if the blip is the exception to the norm, play on. Cedar Point's record-setting coaster has had a spotty first month of downtime, in large part because it chose to raise the bar rather than play it safe and pass the buck with a more proven addition for the 2003 season."

"I don't mind that. I applaud the company that takes chances," he added. "Industries like technology have been built on one-upmanship. In the corporate space, it's not always how you succeed that dictates your level of success, but, rather, how you fail."

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