Top 10 Cedar Point stories of 2013

Record-breaking coaster, world-class GM lead look back at 2013

Friday, 27 December 2013

Update: Item #5 did not happen in 2013. A South Carolina newspaper incorrectly reported the closure in July. During my research, I got 2013 confused with 2012 and failed to remember this story was found to be inaccurate. -- Walt

  1. GateKeeper thrills more than two million guests in first season
  2. Cedar Point GM John Hildebrandt retires after 40 year career
  3. Shoot the Rapids accident injures seven
  4. Fans track GateKeeper construction
  5. WindSeeker at Cedar Point closes after Carowinds malfunction
  6. CP&LE Railroad celebrates 50th anniversary
  7. Cedar Point invites coaster enthusiasts to GateKeeper media day
  8. Tony Clark returns and takes on social media
  9. Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet continues to make his mark
  10. Cedar Point announces upgrades for Hotel Breakers, Gemini Midway