CoasterMania! 2004 details announced

Friday, 09 January 2004

Cedar Point's 16th annual CoasterMania! event will take place Saturday, September 18, 2004. The coaster enthusiast event is traditionally held on the first Friday of June, but is being moved this year to accommodate the American Coaster Enthusiasts' Coaster Con XXVII.

CoasterMania! 2004 will feature exclusive ride time on Top Thrill Dragster, Raptor, Wicked Twister, Magnum XL-200 and Millennium Force. There will also be a free picnic lunch and a "My Favorite Cedar Point Coaster Is _____ and Why" contest.

The popular event is open exclusively to guests who are current members of a credible amusement park industry club or roller coaster club. Examples include CoasterBuzz Club, where membership is only $20.

CoasterMania! 2004 flyer (PDF)