More Screamscape rumors

Friday, July 17, 1998 11:17 AM

Here's one we've been waiting for, from someone who gets this stuff with a high degree of accuracy. Screamscape posted this yesterday:

"The latest story to come up from the depths is about a new record breaking Arrow MegaLooper which will be one of the tallest coasters ever built as well as having the most loops. The current record holders are Dragon Kahn (B&M- Port Aventura, Spain) and Monte Makaya (Intamin- Terra Encantada, Brazil) with 8 inversions each. So far no serious construction has been sighted however, other than the expansion to the Hotel Breakers. Another source implied that Challenge Park will be expanded with another new attraction as well. Perhaps another Gravity Works SkyScraper, which I'm expecting to appear at Knott's as well."