New at Cedar Point in 2023

The Boardwalk highlights new offerings at Cedar Point

Friday, 05 May 2023

The Boardwalk

From the simple pleasures of swimming and sunbathing in the late-1800's to the modern-day roller coasters, rides, waterpark, signature events and multi-day fun of today's resort destination - the Cedar Point Beach has been the anchor of both the park's history and traditional summer vacations for so many families. In 2023, this history is celebrated in a whole new way with the introduction of The Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk is a modern-day take on the park experience of yesteryear. Enjoy the new attractions, roaming entertainment and the sights and sounds of our classic beachside resort.

Wild Mouse

Cedar Point's legacy of amazing roller coaster experiences continues with the new Wild Mouse roller coaster, a twisting family thrill for coaster lovers young and young-at-heart. With a nod to the original Wild Mouse coaster, the modern Wild Mouse has it all: hills, twists, dives and hairpin turns as you play an unpredictable game of “cat and mouse” in your quest to capture the cheese!

Wild Mouse features six mouse-themed cars and one cheese-themed car. You become part of the adventure as you play the role of mouse or cheese. Each 4-passenger car climbs 52 feet, crests the lift hill and begins a twisting, spinning and WILD journey along 1,312 feet of orange track. Wild Mouse's free-form spinning action changes with the number of riders aboard each car, so no two rides will be the same.

Cedar Point Grand Pavilion

In its heyday, the original Grand Pavilion, opened in 1888, served as the center of entertainment for thousands of summer visitors. Cedar Point Grand Pavilion, a new and modern version, features many characteristics of the original. The bi-level complex is home to a new restaurant featuring culinary items not found anywhere else in the park, a waterfront bar for relaxation and conversation, indoor and outdoor seating, plus viewing decks with unparalleled views of Cedar Point and the Lake Erie shoreline.

Menu items include dry-rubbed pork loin, slow-roasted turkey breast, funnel cake fried shrimp, hand- breaded chicken tenders, carved rotisserie sandwich, beer battered fish, tropical fried rice, shaved Brussels slaw, marinated cucumber, cold ramen noodle salad, key lime pie, glazed grilled pineapple and more.

Boardwalk Cotton Candy

What would The Boardwalk be without cotton candy? In true Cedar Point style and fashion, Boardwalk Cotton Candy is bigger than anything you've seen. Enjoy fresh-spun cotton candy treats, delicious buttery popcorn, fresh-squeezed lemonade and traditional Icee® beverages. Grab a stick of the sweet, fluffy floss and take in all the sights and sounds of The Boardwalk.

Frontier Inn

With the popularity of The Martin Family's Farmhouse Kitchen & Grill just across the way, Beauregard “Maverick” Chamberlain couldn't let them have all of Frontier Town's financial success! So, Mr. Chamberlain envisioned a restaurant where stagecoach travelers, train passengers and miners alike could get their hot meals quickly. What transpired is his latest business venture - Frontier Inn.

He cooked up a menu for the tastes of the townsfolk with French bread pizzas of cheese and pepperoni, juicy burgers (including a new-to-Frontier Town bratwurst burger with pretzel bun), boneless chicken vittles, French fries and for dessert, brookies and fresh pastries. Take a detour and mosey into Frontier Inn for the latest in Frontier Town grub!

Bar 1870

When you're looking for refreshment along the Main Midway, look no further than Bar 1870. Located at the heart of all the midway action at the Legacy Walk, Bar 1870 has several delicious adult beverages ready to enjoy. The bar features canned cocktails, specialty frozen cocktails, beer, cider & seltzers. And if you work up a little bit of an appetite, enjoy a fresh popcorn snack as you peruse the names enshrined in the Legacy Walk or as you continue your exploration of America's Roller Coast

Engine Company Spirits

Stop by Engine Company No. 3 to quench your thirst in 2023. Serving beer, frozen cocktails and Icee® beverages, there's always an option to rescue your parched palate. Enjoy those chilled and refreshing beverages right around the corner in the beautiful Frontier Town Square or across the path at The Farmhouse Kitchen & Grill's outdoor gathering spaces.

Frontier Craft Co.

Frontier Craft Company, located on the Frontier Trail, is a specialty shop with both hand-dipped candles and hand-carved wood masterpieces. Experience the art of wood carving up close or try your hand at dipping your own custom candle creation.