Cedar Point’s Top Thrill 2 reaches new heights

Cedar Point has completed the construction of Top Thrill 2's 420-foot-tall spike tower.

Monday, 04 December 2023

Cedar Point Press Release

SANDUSKY, Ohio (Dec. 3, 2023) – The famous Cedar Point skyline is now changed forever as construction crews have completed Top Thrill 2’s all-new, 420-foot-tall vertical spike tower. The new structure joins the existing “top hat” tower, giving the park not one, but two, 420-foot-tall roller coaster towers that touch the clouds over the Cedar Point Peninsula.

The final piece, a section of red steel track, was hoisted and secured into place today. This significant milestone designates the completion of Top Thrill 2’s track work as the park prepares the ride for its 2024 debut. Guests will be launched in reverse at 101 mph, rising into the sky at a 90-degree angle on the new tower. This reverse launch is the second of three exhilarating launches on the ride.

Top Thrill 2 Topping at Cedar Point

Cedar Point has completed the construction of Top Thrill 2's spike tower. Photo courtesy Cedar Point.

For more information on Top Thrill 2, the world’s tallest and fastest triple-launch roller coaster, guests can visit cedarpoint.com or see construction updates on the park’s YouTube channel.