School board sides with CP on parking tax

Tuesday, 10 June 2003

The Sandusky school board took a stand with Cedar Point Monday night saying it opposes the city's new parking tax and would stop collecting parking fees from students, the Sandusky Register reported.

"We are very concerned that the recent action taken by the city will very likely have a significant long-term negative financial impact upon the school district because of this tax and the impact the tax places upon our generous corporate neighbor, Cedar Point," Superintendent Bill Pahl said.

The school district had charged Sandusky High School students a nominal fee of $5 per year for parking. The fee was waived for April, May, and June, and will not be collected in the future.

"We feel that it is not appropriate for the city to tax students who attend school and their families who support their children at school-related activities ... It is not worth the time to generate the necessary paperwork and process a check to the city." Pahl said.