Movie to be filmed at Cedar Point

Thursday, 20 May 2004

For the first time in the park's history, Cedar Point will allow scenes for a feature film to be shot in the park, the Sandusky Register reported.

Global Sciences Productions is currently filming the B-movie "Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind: Contagion from Mars" in the Sandusky area. The story centers around a NASA probe returning from Mars that crashes in a Sandusky farm field. A farmer's wife is infected with a virus, turning her into a monster who starts a killing spree.

Cedar Point spokesman Robin Innes told the Register that two or three other movie makers have approached Cedar Point over the past 15 years about shooting at the park. This is the first time Cedar Point has granted permission.

A big part of Cedar Point's decision was based on how the filming has turned into a community event, with many local residents taking parts as extras.

Most of the filming will take place after hours and park operation will not be affected. Scenes will be shot at the main entrance gate and on the beach near Hotel Breakers.

Instead of making payment to Cedar Point, the movie's producer will donate a portion of the movie's profits to the Firelands Chapter of the American Red Cross

The movie will star Jimmy Hunt and body builder Kerstin Khalfani, as the monster. It will debut at the State Theatre in Sandusky, but will likely not be seen in wide release.