Paying respect to lost rides

Friday, September 24, 2004 7:07 AM

Cedar Point's 8th annual HalloWeekends will kick off tonight with new haunts and a tribute to lost rides.

The newest cemetery, "The Land of the Lost Thrills" on the Main Midway, will honor rides that have been retired, the Sandusky Register reported. The focal point will be the former centerpiece of Schwabinchen. Other rides that will be featured include the San Francisco Earthquake, Mill Race, Rotor, Wild Mouse, Frontier Lift and the Monorail. A total of 19 rides will have tombstones in the cemetery, some with memorabilia.

"I think it is perfect that the Schwabinchen is the centerpiece," park spokeswoman Janice Witherow told the Register. "People are infatuated with the lady."

After HalloWeekends, Schwabinchen is going to another park, Witherow told the Register.

Park graphic services manager John Taylor wants to expand the lost rides cemetery next year.

"People love the history here," Taylor told the Register.