Virtual Midway selected as "Coaster Site of The Year"

Tuesday, 06 April 2004

For the second consecutive year, Virtual Midway has been selected as "Coaster Site of The Year" in the Coasters' Choice Awards, an annual poll conducted by Virtual Midway edged out the well-liked coaster enthusiast web site America Coasters Network and the popular industry satire web site Absolutely Reliable News & Rumors.

"While few enthusiast Web sites kept our interest this year," stated a CoasterBuzz press release, "we did name three that entertained us. Reigning champ Virtual Midway, a Cedar Point fan site, was again the winner as it covered in great detail the ups and downs of the park's Dragster."

Nomination criteria for "Coaster Site of the Year" included frequent updates, stellar content, and thorough coverage of some aspect of roller coasters or amusement parks.

CoasterBuzz is the world's most popular roller coaster and amusement industry portal. The members range from teen to retired, poor college student to six figure professional, a dozen coasters to 200 coasters.

Coasters' Choice Awards Press Release and Results