Two arrested in ATM crackdown

Thursday, 13 October 2005

Former employees tried to crack machine, used old parking passes to get in, police say.


SANDUSKY - Cedar Point police arrested two men early Wednesday morning after they allegedly tried to rob an ATM in the park.

Joshua W. Kaman, 18, 3700 block of Venice Road Sandusky, and Michael L. Harpel, 19, 2300 block of Milan Rd., were arrested and taken to the Erie County Jail after police found them near the park's entrance, said park spokesperson Tony Clark.

An alarm from the machine, a National City ATM near the Magnum XL-200 roller coaster, alerted National City Protective Services who notified police, Clark said.

After failing to get any money from the machines, the two tried to exit the park when police apprehended them, reports state.

Clark said both men had been seasonal employees at the park this year.

A parking sticker that employees put on their cars allowed the two to enter the parking areas, he said. Cedar Point's front toll booths are manned 24 hours a day, and only cars with parking passes are allowed in during times when the park is closed.

The park has not had many problems with former employees causing trouble, Clark said.

Kaman will face charges of possessing criminal tools, possessing drug paraphernalia, criminal trespassing and breaking and entering. Harpel will face all but the drug charge.

Harpel is being held at Erie County jail on $8,650 bond. Kaman was released on bond Wednesday. is your online guide to summer fun for Cedar Point, the LakeErie Islands and Sandusky area. Our site offers up-to-date information on area attractions, restaurants, hotels, gasoline prices, ferry schedules, swimming, birding and fishing, along with a complete listing of events happening in the Sandusky/Cedar Point area. To use our Webcam and zoom in on Cedar Point's rollercoasters, go to

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