Monday, 31 October 2005

Cedar Point Press Release

In 2006, Cedar Point will add a world-record-breaking thrill ride – Skyhawk. Located near Snake River Falls in Frontiertown and standing 103 feet above the ground, Skyhawk will be the tallest ride of its kind in the world.

Skyhawk will feature two giant swinging arms, each 84 feet in length, with 20 seats on each arm. Each set of 20 seats will consist of two rows of 10 seats, positioned back to back, that will provide each rider with a “front row” view. Using pneumatic technology similar to that used on Power Tower, riders will be thrilled as they are pushed toward the sky, then experience weightlessness as they reverse direction and rush back toward the ground – just like the drop side of a roller coaster – with no ride structure in their path. At the peak of the arc, riders on Skyhawk will be more than 125 feet in the air and will reach speeds of 60 mph in both directions! The $6 million ride will give nearly 800 rides an hour. Each ride will be approximately two minutes long. (Guests must be at least 48 inches tall to ride Skyhawk.)

“Skyhawk will be the world’s largest swing ride. It’s a simple concept, but it will be an amazing ride experience,” said John Hildebrandt, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point. “All of us have ridden swings as kids. Imagine riding a swing that is higher than a 12-story building and goes faster than many roller coasters.”

Guests will have their first opportunity to ride Skyhawk when the historic amusement park/resort opens for its 137th season on May 6, 2006. Construction of Skyhawk began immediately after the park closed for the 2005 season on Sunday, Oct. 30.