Farewell, White Water Landing

Monday, 31 October 2005


SANDUSKY - Cedar Point said goodbye Sunday to one of its rides.

But today the park announced that Skyhawk, a giant swing ride, will replace the 24-year-old White Water Landing.

Clark declined Sunday to specify what the plans for the next year will include.

"All day people have been asking me if we know why they are closing White Water Landing and what we will be putting in next year," said Taralynn Huggard of Bay City, Mich., who has operated the water ride for most of the summer. "They have even put out a petition asking Cedar Point not to close this ride."

Cedar Point and its parent company, Cedar Fair LP, always look for ways to improve the park by asking guests on a daily basis what they would like, Clark said.

"This is how we make our plans," he said. "But I am not talking about what we will be building in this spot."

Clark said Cedar Point will begin tearing down White Water Landing today, and before the end of winter it will be gone.

"I think this is the last time I am going to ride this thing in my whole entire life," Mathew Geigel, 5, of Sandusky. "I like going down its hill, and I really want to ride it again."

White Water Landing was one of a handful of Cedar Point attractions that an entire family could ride together, Clark said.

"I think it is sad they are tearing it down," said Julie Geigel, 40, of Sandusky. "I hope they soon have another one we can all ride together. They are losing a legacy. They will have to replace this with something bigger and better."

Eric Herr, 19, of Sylvania, Ohio, was seen begging Cedar Point staff to reveal what the park's next ride would be and said he is sure "they know what is best for the park and for the future. 

"I am very excited, and I am ready to go on (White Water Landing) one more time," he said.

Dana Gore, 9, of Medina, said she was scared she was going to get really wet when she rode the water ride and is not going to particularly miss it.

"Going down that 50 foot hill is my favorite thing about this ride," said Taylor Gore, 11, who said she will miss the water ride.

Tony Loschiavo, 38, of Medina, said he grew up riding White Water Landing and will also miss it.

"This is a good water ride." he said. "You can fit four or five people on it and you get wet but not too wet."

Clark would not say whether he even knew a new attraction would be placed in White Water Landing's spot.

"There could be something in the next year, or in two years or in five," he said. "We knew we were going to be putting the Dragster up one year in advance. However, I do not remember the last time we lost one of our main attractions."

Over the years it has become difficult for Cedar Point to maintain White Water Landing, Clark said. Some rides, such as the carousel, are antiques and will be preserved at the park forever, he said.

White Water Landing, built in 1982, has sent more than 28 million guests over a 50-foot-high waterfall. When it opened, White Water Landing was the longest ride of its kind the world, Clark said.

"Children of any age have been allowed to ride White Water Landing with a parent," Clark said. "And park guests do expect the ride will be replaced by something else very soon."

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