Sandusky Planning Commission approves preliminary water park plans

Thursday, 28 August 2003

On Wednesday, the Sandusky Planning Commission approved Cedar Point's preliminary water park plans, the Sandusky Register reported.

Plans include the elimination of 181 parking spaces from the Radisson Harbour Inn. The park will use the 293 spaces at it's auxiliary parking lot across the street from the hotel to give a combined total of 609 parking spaces.

Angie Byington, City Planner, said the city of Sandusky is still looking at traffic concerns. One suggestion is closing the entrance used for TGI Friday's and having traffic use Harbour Boulevard, which already has a traffic signal. A pedestrian bridge has also been discussed, but planning staff believe it is to early to be required.

Cleveland Road is slated to be repaved next year. That would open the door for turn lanes and additional improvements.

Rob Decker, Cedar Fair, L.P. Corporate Vice President of Planning & Design, said the company's purchase of the Harbour Marina is not part of the Radisson water park plan.