Cedar Fair, L.P. conference call notes

Monday, 22 May 2006

Cedar Fair, L.P. hosted a conference call to answer questions regarding their acquisition of the Paramount Parks. Here are some highlights:

- Deal will provide more diversification. No park will contribute more than 22% of revenue.

- Will include Nickelodeon licensing agreement, currently a 4 year deal. There is an opportunity it to extend to other parks for an additional cost.

- The company expects to maintain the distribution policy.

- There are no plans to divest any of the properties.

- Management of parks is something that will be addressed.

- Movie tie-in agreements are still being reviewed.

- Star Trek: The Experience is included in the deal.

- Capital spending divided between the two companies can be spent in a better way.

- There was a number of interested bidders.

- There will be no changes that the public will see this season.