Face Your Fear 2019


Savannah and Sarah conquered Steel Vengeance in the morning, then capped off the day with the ultimate goal of riding Top Thrill Dragster. Photo - Kevin Meyer
Alysha wasn't convinced she would be able to do this in August. Six weeks later she can say she has ridden one of the tallest and fastest coasters on the planet. Photo - Kevin Meyer
Alyssa, Joseph, and John are happy to have successfully raced for the sky. Photo - Kevin Meyer
Photo - Kevin Meyer
Photo - Kevin Meyer
The final goal of the day: Top Thrill Dragster. Photo - Kevin Meyer
Photo - Kevin Meyer
Six weeks of work paid off when Savannah conquered Steel Vengeance. Photo - Kevin Meyer
Steel Vengeance is a hit. Photo - Kevin Meyer
Sam achieves his goal of riding Wicked Twister. Photo - Kevin Meyer
The group boards Wicked Twister as Sam prepares to launch
Dr. Meyer gives a last minute pep talk.
Alyssa took the plunge on Power Tower with the support of her friends.
Alyssa is about to face her fear by riding Power Tower
The group reconvenes after Steel Vengeance

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