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When you join PointBuzz Premium, you help us keep the lights on and provide more of the community and content you love. But, what's in it for you?

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You get a better experience. We get to reduce dependence on advertising.

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A wider range of topics. Plus, all the cool kids will be there.

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You'll have our undying love and gratitude. If we meet, you might get a hug.


Frequently Asked Questions

Wait a second, what am I missing if I don't sign up?

Nothing! This is a premium service intended to give the biggest fans a way to support this site and its community. All of the core functionality and content is still free.

Doesn't the site make money from the ads?

Yes, but unfortunately the amount has been shrinking for years. There are technically more ad providers than ever, but many provide ads of ill repute. You know, spammy stuff about how fat celebrities are and other bottom-feeder content. Nobody needs to see that, and they definitely don't need it popping up in front of the content. This gives us an alternate way to pay the bills.

Is this a coaster club? Will I get into enthusiast events?

No, this is not a club. This is just a simple way to support PointBuzz and improve the browsing experience. If you need a club membership (for Coastermania), please also consider CoasterBuzz Club.