Top 10 Cedar Point news stories of 2014

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5. Skyhawk cable disconnects, injuring two

On July 26, a cable on Skyhawk disconnected from one of the ride’s two carriages injuring two guests. After investigating the incident, Cedar Point reopened one arm on August 1 followed by the second arm a few weeks later.


4. Hotel Breakers transformation and upgrades

With a 2015 debut around the corner, the two-year upgrade of Hotel Breakers continued closer to its goal this year. The hotel transformation is the single biggest project in Cedar Point’s history. Along with a new exterior, the modernized hotel will have a new entrance portal, interior upgrades, remodeled rooms and many other amenities and offerings.

Hotel Breakers

3. Gemini Midway gets overhaul with two new rides

Highlighted by two new rides, the updated Gemini Midway debuted in May. Family-friendly rides Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles were added, while Monster received an updated look. New pavers, lighting, and landscaping brought a much-improved atmosphere to the area formerly known for its blacktop.

Gemini Midway

2. Cedar Point announces transformation of Mantis into Rougarou

On September 2, Cedar Point announced that Mantis would close October 19. Park fans debated for 16 days what would be next before Cedar Point announced the standup coaster would be transformed into a floorless coaster named Rougarou. While the layout remains the same, the floorless coaster trains promise a new experience when the ride opens in 2015.

Rougarou - New for 2015 at Cedar Point

1. Cedar Point closes for weekend due to water main break

The unprecedented June weekend closure was the runaway winner for the top Cedar Point news story in 2014. Early on Saturday, June 7, a water main break occurred on the main line that supplies water to Cedar Point. Without water, officials were forced to close Cedar Point, Soak City, and all on property resorts for the entire weekend.

Water Main Break